Why Silk Plants Over Real Ones

Why Silk Plants Over Real Ones
Many question the idea of silk plants in their home or business because they think they’ll look cheap or unprofessional. It was understandable about 20 years ago that most silk plants looked fake and were easy to spot. Now there are places you go and will walk right by a silk plant not even realizing they’re fake. For instance, your malls, many have custom artificial trees and plants mounted in cement, even though you may lean on one for a break, you don’t even realize they’re artificial. Hotels and casinos are reverting to silk plants because of the cost to maintain real ones. Many of the benefits are obvious, however some are not so obvious as we have outlined them below.

- Real plants require watering, trimming and maintenance several days a week. Silk plants only require a cleaning about once a month. This cuts back tremendously on the services that have to be rendered, saving you thousands of dollars, and sometimes tens of thousands over the years.

- Silk plants don’t attract bugs which can nest in the dirt of real plants and hatch eggs creating an infestation of them.

- Pets such as cats and dogs will not dig in them. Real plants need real dirt and pets love to mess thing up if they have the chance.

- If you have young children you won’t have to worry about them eating the leaves of a poisonous plant. This is all too common in many households where people don’t realize the plants they have are toxic to young children.

- Silk plants keep their color and leaves all year long and don’t require any sunlight. This allows you to place greenery in areas where a real plant wouldn’t survive.

- Mold can grow in the moisture of real plants, especially I the moist dirt. This can cause respiratory problems such as asthma. Silk plants will eliminate the mold issue and if you have children with asthma then silk plants are the only way to go to get some greenery in your home.

Manufacturing Has Changed

The way silk plants are manufactured today is highly superior than they were just a few years ago. As the silk plant industry became more and more competitive suppliers have found more ways to make them look like their real counterparts. Adding accents such as real bark, real wood trunks and real touch foliage makes them look more realistic than they did just a short time ago. More detailed molds and hand painting are part of the process that makes some silk plants more realistic. Lines on the trunks will sometimes be hand painted or formed to give the look of a knot on the tree or rings of bark and it gives the silk plants more depth. Trunks of trees are stained to match the color of the real tree in nature. The parts where the artificial branches enter the main trunks of the silk plant are better disguised with natural looking fabric, moss or real coconut bark when it comes to artificial palm trees.

Decorating Rules Still The Same

The same rules apply when decorating with silk plants as they do with real ones. A good way to get ideas is to search images online or visit some of your local new home selling companies and take a walk through the professionally designed homes. You can get a similar look with no experience because silk plants are so easy to work with and they are light, making them easy to move around the room for finding the best location. Don’t be afraid to go all the way to the ceiling with your silk trees as the top 2 feet of your home are usually the least decorated. Adding a tall silk tree will fill in this void space and tie the room together.

Planting Them Is Easy

Most silk plants come potted with a regular non decorative planter pot. To pot them is very easy. Simply place the tree or plant into your decorative container then fill in the empty space with something like newspaper or anything you can find. Then leave a space on top to add some decorative moss, rocks or silk ivy plants to hang over the planter for added effect. You can even add a low wattage spot light to shine up or from behind to give it a dramatic lighting effect. For a more secure setting you can use rocks or gravel around the pot to give more stability to the silk plant. This is usually a good idea if you are placing the plant in a high traffic area where people will be walking by all day long. For extra height try using an old paint can to place underneath the planter pot before placing your silk plant in. Instantly, you will turn a 4 foot plant into a 5 foot one. These are some trick of the trade that most people don’t think of but are very easy to do.

Outdoor Artificial Plants are The Newest Wave

The newest thing to hit the silk plant market is outdoor artificial plants. Many companies carry a full line of UV treated and poly blend plastic plants that are a bit more rigid than your typical silk plant but they have to be in order to stand up to the elements. Sun has always been the biggest problem when it comes to silk plants. The UV rays from the sun will actually fade the foliage and break down the fabric part of traditional silk plants causing them to turn a blue-ish green color. Outdoor artificial plants will be more expensive to purchase but they will save you money over the long term. For example, the typical life span for an outdoor artificial tree is 7 – 10 years. If you placed a normal silk tree outdoors in the sun it will only last a few months. The silk plants that are not UV treated can be sprayed with a UV clear coat spray to make them last longer but they will not last as long as the UV inherent artificial plants, flowers and trees. Many of the taller trees will come with mounting plates to bolt down to a cement deck but the most popular way to plant these is to cement them in the ground like you would a fence post. This give them the look as if they were growing naturally.

Silk plants are becoming more and more popular as droughts and allergies are getting worse and worse in the world. Having these in your home does not mean that you have gone cheap. On the contrary many high end homes and hotels are reverting to silk plants not only for money savings over the long term but because they just look good all the time. Next time you’re in a hotel or someone’s home, look a bit more closely at the plants. I bet you’ll be surprised or you may not even be able to tell if they’re real or not.

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