Use silk trees to welcome nature in your home

Use silk trees to welcome nature in your home
No matter how much you love to be at the beach having fun playing in the turquoise blue water, you cannot go for an eternal vacation leaving behind your job and responsibilities. Have you ever thought about having a palm tree in the living room to get a tropical beach feeling? I know, you can’t imagine planting a real palm tree in the house and spending hours tending to it, but you can always have silk trees to get that beach effect.

You cannot ignore the appeal of silk trees

If you love the outdoors and want to bring it indoors with the least amount of hassle, fake trees and flowers can fit your bill beautifully. In fact, if you check out the online stores you will be enthralled by the range of fake trees available today. You could actually create a tropical jungle paradise in your home! Yes, that’s what artificial silk trees do for people.

However, we would suggest you to restrain yourself and choose those trees that suit your home décor and your mood. So palm trees if you love the beach and bamboo shoots if forests beckon you.

The corner of your living room that was lying vacant for months would thank you if you place a silk tree in a decorative urn or planter.

How to use silk trees in a room

You can’t pick any tree and place it in a room and think that it would look real. You have to choose the fake trees judiciously and place them strategically in your house. A big palm tree at a dark corner of a small room would add nothing to the décor. Whereas, if you place the tree at an airy and sunny corner of a big room, the tree now becomes the focal point of the room.

So always choose sunny and airy corners to place fake trees to make them look real. Use pots in interesting designs to catch the eye. Moreover, you can use dirt and stones to create a more earthy effect.

If you have big and heavy pieces of furniture in a room, go for small plants. On the other hand, if the room has lots of empty spaces go for a tree with big foliage.

Cacti and other succulent plants can be also used in home décor. You can place these artificial plants in the bedroom or the bathroom or even your kitchen.

Never forget to treat the silk trees about once every couple months with a artificial plant cleaner. You don’t want to see your favorite trees getting covered with dirt or cobwebs!

Use silk trees in your home to create a more natural and green home décor style. With more trees, you will find your home becoming an abode of peace.
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