Getting The Most Out Of Your Silks

Getting The Most Out Of Your Silks
As the seasons change many interior decorators are looking for some additional colors to spruce up rooms or to add that special touch to a dining room table or entry way. Below we will talk about some of the techniques used by top interior decorators to fill a space with warmth and elegance without breaking the piggy bank.

You will want to pick out a container that will compliment your decor and chances are you may already have one laying around that you can use. For the best look you will want to make your arrangement approximately 1 1/2 times larger than your pot. Purchase some low cost floral foam and glue it into the pot, make sure the foam is just below the rim of your pot but leave enough room for some moss or rocks. You will want to find the main flowers you will be displaying in your pot and place those in the middle sections of your pot then you can put filler greenery and flowers around the main flowers. If your flowers get dusty a great way to clean them is with Silk N Splendor silk plant cleaner.

When it comes to artificial trees and getting the most out of dollar there is a little trick you can use that many interior decorators use when decorating on a budget. By setting a smaller silk tree or topiary in a taller pot or raising up inside a pot you can usually get an extra foot or sometimes two out of the height. For instance instead of purchasing an 8 foot tree that may cost a few hundred dollars you can purchase a 6 or 7 foot tree for much less and glue some floral foam in the bottom of your pot to raise it up to the desired height. Now you've just turned a 6 - 7 foot tree into an 8 foot one for a fraction of the cost. This is why many artificial plant and decor stores set smaller trees on raised displays to give them the illusion of being larger than what they really are.

Remember these 3 simple rules when trying to save money:

1. Purchase flower stems that are on sale and you can always trim to fit with wire cutters.

2. Sometimes you may already have pots or flowers that may just need cleaning, then you can rearrange the flowers or re-pot them for a different look.

3. For taller looking trees don't set them in the bottom of the pot rather put something underneath as a base to make them look taller.
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