Using silk flower arrangements in your home decor

Using silk flower arrangements in your home decor
Just a couple of white roses, calla lilies on the centerpiece or a bunch of tulips on the dining table are just what your home needs. Do not fret as we are not asking you to get real flowers and spend time taking care of them or replacing them every couple days. We are talking about silk flower arrangements. Yes, with fake flowers the possibilities are endless and your home would thank you for giving it a lively touch.

Why use silk flowers in your home decor

It was not long ago that fake flowers were looked down upon by home decor experts but the situation has changed drastically today. With most home decor specialists having warmed up to the idea of using artificial flowers, there is a wide range of silk flowers available in the market today that would leave you amazed. Most of the online stores offer fake flowers in different shapes and designs and being of very superior quality you can use them in your home with the assurance that they will look very realistic.

Silk flowers require very little maintenance and retain their color and look for years. You just need to creatively use them to make your home look beautiful.

Different ways of using silk flowers

The advantage of silk flowers is that they lend to different styles easily. Is the coffee table looking bare? A single flower in a tall vase would definitely make it eye catching. Do you want your guests to feel the warmth in your heart? Place a few red roses along with leaves in a big vase at the center of your dining table. The appreciating look on your guests’ faces would tell you how they are impressed by your aesthetic sense.

If you want your entire home to have touches of green, silk floral arrangements can come to your rescue.

You can place fake orchids or cacti in the kitchen innovatively and feel refreshed whenever your eyes fall on them. To create a real look, use stones and sands in the pot. I would suggest you to get real pots or urns to place the faux floral arrangements to make them look real. Since silk flowers do not cost a fortune and are long term investments, you can easily spend your money on uniquely shaped vases and pots. These will make the flowers look real and allow you to experiment with the floral arrangements.

To match the season and your mood, use silk flowers from your stock and your home would always look fresh and cozy. Tulips and daffodils for the spring and lilies for the summer are great choices. Now don’t you feel like going ahead and giving your home a floral makeover?
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