How to Shape Silk Plants and Trees

Artificial trees when theyíve been shipped generally need some amount of shaping before you can display them in your home or office, wherever you choose to place them. If you have ever ordered a silk tree, you will notice when taking them out of the box that they hardly look like what they appear in the pictures. If you receive the silk tree and find it to be in a compact vertical arrangement, do not be dismayed. With a little bit of shaping, your silk tree will look perfect. Keep in mind that the pictures are of the actual tree after theyíve been fanned out by the store. Shaping the tree is not too difficult and will take just a few minutes. Below is a video and some written instructions on how to shape your silk plants and trees using one of our silk ficus trees as an example.

1. At first, unpack and unwrap the silk tree from the box. Remove any ties, packing materials or plastic that the company has used for packing and shipping the tree.

2. You may notice that some of the branches of the silk tree have become twisted during packing and shipping. Gently, untwist the branches into the right position.

3. If you see any branch of the silk tree facing right side up, pull it down tenderly. Start this process from the base of the tree. With one hand, hold each branch of the silk tree near the tree trunk for support. With the other hand, bend and shape the branch simultaneously giving them a slightly curved downward effect just like gravity would have on a real tree. At first, you need to have the main stem of the branch shaped the way you want. After that, you can shape the tiny twigs on that branch. You should also position the leaves so they are spread out on the branches. Make sure that the branches of your silk tree curve upwards slightly at the trunk, then downward toward the end of the branch like the way living trees would grow.

4. Now, move upward towards the top of the silk tree and push each layer of branch downwards. Make sure that the branches stay put.

5. Try to identify the gaps between the branches. Arrange the branches properly so that if there is any hole, you can fill them.

These are some simple steps that you can follow when you are shaping your silk tree. You should also remember a few points during shaping. Donít be too rough while bending the branches of the tree in place. Remember that itís better to bend the branches of the silk tree slowly and methodically until you reach the desired look. You can repeat the process if required, but you should take it slow and have patience. Remember it may take some time to get the tree to look like it does in the picture when doing this for the first time. Practice makes perfect and the next time you purchase an artificial tree it will be a much quicker and easier process.

After proper shaping, your silk tree will be ready for display and your guests will want to touch it to see if itís real. With the passage of time, the branches of the silk tree will fall into place further, making it look more beautiful.
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