QuickWater Directions For Best Results

QuickWater Directions For Best Results
Read or print the directions below to get the best results from QuickWater. If you follow them step by step you will get great looking artificial water for all your silk flower arrangements or whatever project you're doing. If you still have questions after reading this please do not hesitate to contact us.

For Best Results

1) Have flowers that you want to arrange selected and ready.

2) The best containers for mixing are tall and narrow, not too large and open.

3) Pour equal amounts of each bottle down the sides of the mixing container to avoid excess air bubble formation. Allow the poured material to drain into the mixing container. "B" will drain slower than "A". NEVER use unequal amounts; this results in bubbles and / or a slower setting time.

4) Stir the material for 3-5 minutes, scraping the the side of the mixing container while stirring. STIRRING TOO RAPIDLY CREATES BUBBLES...any small bubbles formed will escape during the curing cycle.

5) QuickWater is permanent. You will not be able to use your floral vase for any other purpose once QuickWater has cured.

6) Make sure your floral vase is clean on the inside before mixing. Add rocks or marbles before pouring mixed compound from your mixing container. Pour your mixed compound into vase. Add your flowers. Cure time depends on the amount of material you mixed and the air temperature. Cure time should be approximately 8 hours.

Unfortunately we no longer carry QuickWater artificial water product but it can be found here: Garden Splendor Quick Water Resin Kit for Silks Simulated Water
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