Choosing Large Artificial Trees

When choosing a large artificial tree for commercial or personal use there are some considerations you will want to take into account before making your decision on the right one. There are many different styles and qualities of large trees and each one has their purpose, however if youíre looking for the right fit in your application then youíll need to do some searching to find the right tree to meet your budget.

The number one consideration should be how authentic does the tree look. Does it look like the real thing or does it look like a gaudy plastic mess. When it comes to larger artificial trees usually you can tell the quality of the tree by the price charged. Lower priced generally mean straight from the factory with no extra details or material trying to camouflage the plastic parts of the trees. Where as the higher the price, generally the more detailed and realistic the tree will look. Depending on your use for the tree will determine which pricing is best for you. Custom made trees will always be much higher in price because they are made to order as the customer sees fit. Many amusement parks, resorts and commercial buildings will have large artificial trees custom made because it is a lot less costly to maintain them over large real trees. Especially if they need one where there is not enough sunlight to sustain a large tree.

Some of the components that go into these large artificial trees are real and some are synthetic. For indoor use we recommend looking at trees with natural wood trunks and artificial leaves. This adds to the illusion of it being a real tree because people walking by will look at the trunk and assume the rest is real. It takes careful inspection to determine if these types of trees are artificial or not.

In some of the better quality large artificial palm trees, real palm trunks that are preserved are used in conjunction with artificial palm fronds then the plastic parts are wrapped with real coconut bark to give the tree a very natural look. Many major high end resorts are using these types of trees because they are so realistic looking and basically maintenance free. If youíre concerned with the cost over the long term rather than the upfront price, then these types of trees will fit you well.

If the budget doesnít allow for the highest quality custom made trees then there is a happy medium. Many manufacturers have pre-made synthetic trees that sometimes use real wood for traditional trees and a combination of artificial trunks that have all the detail of the real thing. The detail on these types of trunks is at times hand painted by artists trying to mimic how the tree looks in nature. Itís very surprising how realistic it looks and the only way to tell is to touch them. If youíre using these in areas where most people will not touch them then this is an excellent and less expensive way to bring the outdoors in without the hassle of real trees.

For shows and temporary decorating with large artificial trees going with a fully synthetic tree is the best and most cost effective. Many times they can be broken down so you can move them from place to place very easily. Itís nice if youíre traveling to trade shows or have showrooms that have seasonal sales and you want to bring out the large trees for effect then want to store them for use next year. They tend to be less realistic looking however the purpose is just to add a bit of ambiance to the event. Many event companies use large artificial palm trees that look inexpensive to the eye under normal lighting, then they add lights and when the event lighting is changed they look festive. If this is the look youíre going for then going less expensive is definitely an option youíll want to inquire about when shopping our site for these trees.

When youíre in the market for artificial trees from 9 feet and above then youíll find our selection has something for many uses. If you donít see something youíre looking for please contact us as we can generally find a large artificial tree that will fit your budget and taste.

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