DIY Room Decor

DIY Room Decor
Once in a while, all of us get tired about how our room looks. Sometimes, it is sheer boredom or just a sense of wanting to do something new. And then again there is that new room which has absolute nothing in it right now to personalize it. It is at these kind of times, that DIY Room Decor comes to the rescue.

Here are 3 quirky DIY Room Decor suggestions you can get done in less than an hour and which transform your room immediately!

Bird cage lamps

As the name says, this is quite literally a bird cage lamp. Get a bird cage, paint it any color you wish to, spray some varnish. Now pop some fairy lights into it. And your lamp is ready!

The wall of light

Complicated as it sounds, this is actually quite simple. All you need are lots of fairy lights in a color of your choice. Yellow is a great point to start but you could go all out in terms of colors. Now scout out a wall with a plug point and get out your tool kit. For this project you would need a measuring tape, nails and a hammer or simply a nail gun. You can achieve the same with some heavy duty masking tape as well. Measure out your wall and mark out rows and columns. Now either put nails equidistant to one another to fasten the fairy lights or tape it down with masking tape. At the end you would have a matrix of fairy lights. Now bring together the ends and put together the plugs to create a united plug. Plug this in, switch the light on, and you have a wall of light, your own statement masterpiece.

The quirky clock

Stop by at a kids play store and pick up wooden number blocks. Then stop by a clock store and pick up the clock motor. Now head home and pull out your glue gun and compass. Find a wall or a wardrobe surface you’d like to turn into a clock. It could even be a fixed window through which you can see the sun rise and set for the added feel. Mark a circle with the compass and using a ruler divide the lines for the numbers. Now fix the numbers with the glue gun or if you can't find the wooden blocks, paint the numbers on the clock surface. Then drill a home at the central point fix the clock motor complete with its Hour, Minute and Second hand. You have made your quirky clock.

Between the above 3 DIY Room Decor , you would surely have to drive your friends out to stop them from taking selfies in front of the cool stuff you did! Have fun.
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