Spring Cleaning Your Silk Plants and Flowers

Spring Cleaning Your Silk Plants and Flowers
Yes, itís that dreadful time again, that time of year we all want to come but sigh at the job that is before us. Yes, you guessed it, spring cleaning. We all hate to do it but it has to be done and one of the hardest jobs is cleaning your silk plants, flowers and trees. The dust just seems to get caked on and wonít come off unless you painstakingly scrub each individual leaf one by one until itís finally clean. One down and many to go and it can take a whole day just to clean your silk plants.

Iím not here to ruin your spring however there is an option that will make you jump for joy and save you hours of time cleaning those dirty, dusty silk plants and trees. The magic bullet as they say is a product called Silkín Splendor cleaner. It is the easiest way to clean your silks, so here are the directions on how to use it. Donít worry, itís easy.

1. Take your plant or tree outside or in an area that is OK if the product drips on the surface. You donít want it to drip on your carpet.

2. Spray the Silkín Splendor generously on your silk plant, tree of flowers to the point where theyíre saturated and start dripping. (2 Applications may be needed for heavy dust)

3. Let dryÖThatís It!!

Now I have to agree that this sounds too good to be true, I assure you it really is this easy. If you would like to try it out you can purchase a bottle here: FloraCraft Silk'n Splendor Silk Plant Treatment 24 Ounce

Happy Spring Cleaning!
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