Choosing The Right Planter For Your Silk Plant Or Tree

Choosing The Right Planter For Your Silk Plant Or Tree
It is quite tricky to choose perfect decorative planters that will accentuate the beauty of your silk plants and trees. You have to take care when choosing the right size and suitable design of the decorative planter. The addition of silk plants and trees enhances the interior decor of any home or office. Artificial plants add a wonderful natural, unmatched beauty which creates a warm and welcoming environment. High quality silk trees and plants look very realistic. They add dimension and texture in the room.

Along with the silk plant, the decorative planter is also a very important design element of the room. You cannot afford to choose the wrong size or style of planter in your home or office. It will eradicate all the beauty of the silk plant and the interior design elements may suffer as a result. A beautiful decorative planter can not only increase the beauty of the silk plant, but can also accentuate the overall décor of the room.

For your interior decor

You should choose a decorative planter with the color and texture that can complement the design elements of your room. Look at the color of the wall, floor and couch of your living room along with the style of decor. Now, choose a decorative planter that would look good in such a setting. Try to stay away from decorative planters that are the same color of your floor or walls because you don’t want it to be invisible. You should, rather choose a planter that will stand out in your room. This is a design trick used by many professional designers in the industry.

For your silk plant

Decorative planters must be able to hold the silk trees firmly without fear of tipping over. A planter must serve as a great base for the plant. Using an oversized decorative planter is never a bad idea as it looks much more proportionate and convincing of it being a real plant. An undersized decorative planter looks congested and can compromise the realistic look of your silk plant. You must understand that the decorative planter is the base of the tree and therefore, an undersized planter can cause the silk plant topple during relocating or when someone brushes up against it. An oversized planter provides a secure base for the silk plant or tree which will allow you to enjoy its beauty for years.

Choosing a small decorative planter is the biggest mistake that most people make. It tends to make the tree or plant look fake and decreases the aesthetics of the room. The second mistake that people commit is not securing the silk tree properly into the decorative planter. This is the reason you should learn how to pot a silk tree or plant.

Therefore, while choosing the decorative planter for your silk plants and trees, keep the interior décor of your home or office in mind and never settle for a small, undersized planter. Remember, Larger is always better than smaller when it comes to artificial trees and plants. A perfect decorative planter can work as a beautiful asset to the home or office decor.
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