14" Artificial Barrel Cactus Stem - Set of 12Zoom

14" Artificial Barrel Cactus Stem - Set of 12

Item# CB1310
Artificial barrel cactus 14" tall stem looks like the real thing. This cactus plant stem has 6 mini barrel cactus and will look great in any application or artificial cacti garden. For your southwest decor or next special event you can't get any closer than this.

Dimensions: 6.25" Width X 14" High (from bottom of stem) Barrel Cactus Cluster with no stem measures approximately 5.5 - 6 inches in height.

Contains: 2 - 3.5" barrel cactus and 4 - 2.5" Barrel Cactus together in one bundle. ^ stems coming off one main stem.

Stem is made of metal
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