Silk Topiaries – A Perfect Way to Spruce up the Entry

Silk Topiaries – A Perfect Way to Spruce up the Entry
Do you want the entrance of your home or office to extend a warm and loving welcome to your visitors? Do you want the passersby to look at your house and praise you for your decor style? Use silk topiaries at the entry. Yes, these beautiful and hassle free potted fake plants can spruce up the entry and add warmth along with curb appeal to your home.

Why silk topiaries at the entrance?

The decor of the entrance of the house is as important as the house itself. People visiting your home get a first impression about you and your house from the look of the entry itself. Imagine an entry flanked by beautiful topiaries potted in metal pots. Doesn’t it warm up your heart and make you enter the house with a smile on your face?

People are increasingly getting more aware of the importance of decorating the entrance in the right way. Painting the door or putting fancy nameplates is not enough to create a strong impression. Topiaries with the right base have been found to be effective in making the entrance look attractive. So, silk topiaries have become very popular with home owners that speak volumes about their taste and personality.

How to choose silk topiaries?

Silk topiaries in different shapes and sizes can be the best way to decorate the entrance. They provide the perfect touch of greenery and warmth to any home. While buying topiaries look for perfectly polished leaves and a good finish. Go for box shaped wood containers or metal ones as they look sophisticated. If you’re looking for extra height, an urn would be a good choice. The topiaries must be sturdy enough to withstand the natural elements. If the entry receives a lot of sunlight, choose leafy and dark colored topiaries made from a plastic or poly blend material for added durability.

Ball, cone or spiral, you can choose them in different shapes and sizes. For a big wooden door, get topiaries with lots of branches and leaves. Small doors or narrow entrances can have cone or ball topiaries. Spiral topiaries look beautiful when placed on a broad porch.

Decorating ideas with topiaries

Are you bored with the same topiary year round? Embellish it with silver baubles or miniature lights to give them a festive look. You can even decorate them with such baubles for special occasions and holidays such as Christmas.

If you are placing topiaries against windows, jazz them up with silk curtains. Add some pearls for an extra shine.

You can hang topiaries for a different look. Get small topiaries and hang them from the wall adjacent to the front door.

Does the boxwood look drab? Color them yourself. You can experiment with different effects too. Experiment with different shaped pots to make your topiaries look attractive and match your decor style.

A ball or cone, which one would suit your front door? Get the right silk topiaries and see how your entire home becomes more welcoming and relaxing.
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