Artificial Plants for Your Office

Artificial Plants for Your Office
Moving into a new office or redecorating your existing one is already an adjustment but you want it to look clean, uncluttered and have a professional soft touch to it. Even in modern dťcor you still see something to break up the hard edges whether itís a small plant on a shelf or credenza, or a large tree in the corner by a window.

If you work in a cubicle the only option you may have is a small plant on your desk or on the floor at the edge of your cubicle wall. If your company is generous and wants to create a cohesive working environment then they may have decorated the office to give it a relaxed and stress free vibe. Either way artificial plants for an office can be less expensive and require less maintenance than the typical live plants and trees.

First letís look at some of the reasons why people donít like artificial plants in their office and how these reasons have been addressed in the industry over the last few years.

1. They look fake and we want a high end appearance for our office

Many of the artificial plants today are made with real material such as real bamboo, real coconut bark and real palm trunks. Mixed with the artificial foliage they work well and conceal the artificial components of the plant. You have probably walked right by many of these artificial plants and trees not even knowing they were fake. Many high end hotels and resorts use these type of plants not only because of the money saving but because they can get the look they want without the maintenance costs involved with having real plants, trees and flowers.

2. They are more expensive than real plants

In reality the up front cost may be less for real plants but when you figure in how much it costs for a crew to come in for maintaining the plants and making sure they have enough fertilizer, sunlight and trimming, you can spend thousands over the years. This is not to mention if a plant dies or it has been over watered causing damage to your flooring. If you are in an office that has customer information stored, every time a service comes in after hours to maintain the place it puts the company at risk. Having artificial plants for your office eliminates this risk as they only have to be sprayed down with silk plant cleaner about every two to three months. A way to save some money is to purchase online use the pre arranged plants, trees and flower arrangements so when theyíre delivered all you have to do is take them out of the box and display them where you desire. Sites like have professionals to help you choose the right selection for the locations in your office youíre looking to fill. Send them a picture of the space and they give you free decorating advice and suggestions based on the newest trends.

3. Why change something out thatís seem fine (if it isnít broke, donít fix it)

Live plants and trees do look great but there are some hidden problems that you may not know are happening to your office while keeping these live plants in your environment. First off if the plants are over watered or you are in a humid climate the chances of mold forming in the soil is very high. Mold spores are invisible in the air and can cause all kinds of allergic reactions, irritate asthma or if bad enough can actually make employees sick and miss work. Another major concern is small insects. Iím sure youíve seen from time to time small annoying insects that may be flying around the room. This is caused by the insects nesting in the soil and hatching during certain times of the year. All it takes is one to fly through an open door or window to take up residence in your office then multiply. This can cost you money for extermination with dangerous chemicals not to mention the image this portrays to your customers or clients. This is why restaurants are continually changing from real to artificial plants for their locations and their corporate offices.

These are the most common reasons we get as to why CEOís, office managers and business owners have told us why they havenít yet changed out their real plants for artificial plants for their offices. Even if you start with one and work your way around the office itís a start and the cost will even itself out over time. Going with the high quality artificial plants for your office is the only way to go if youíre concerned with portraying a high end look. There are many options out there and make sure you purchase from a reputable company that has a 100% guarantee such as
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