59 Taro Artificial Plant in Slate Finished PlanterZoom

59 Taro Artificial Plant in Slate Finished Planter

Item# 9274
Several large green leaves with a noticeable sheen to their surfaces are stacked on top of one another with this artificial taro plant. With its enchanting appearance and greenery, this magnificent 59-inch plant will brighten up any neutral or white themed decor setup in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. If you place it in your kitchen, however, you can position it next to a wooden wine rack for a natural arrangement. It comes in a simple slate finished planter that has natural river rocks. Height: 59 In., Width: 30 In., Depth: 28 In., Color: , Pot Size: H: 16 In. W: 12 In. D: 12 In.
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