14” Eucalyptus Artificial Ball in White PlanterZoom

14” Eucalyptus Artificial Ball in White Planter

Item# 9088
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The artificial Eucalyptus ball plant’s small green leaves are densely clustered together, leaving no space unfilled in its pure white planter. When the colors of green and white are combined, they’ll give your living room or sunroom a clean, calm feel to them. At 14 inches in height, this piece can be used to highlight a bookshelf or mantel piece in these spaces. To complete the look, add your favorite books and clear vases holding other artificial greenery next to it. Height: 14 In., Width: 9 In., Depth: 9 In., Color: , Pot Size: H: 6.5 In. W: 12 In. D: 12 In.
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