17” Eucalyptus Artificial Ball in Terra Cotta PlanterZoom

17” Eucalyptus Artificial Ball in Terra Cotta Planter

Item# 9087
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The Eucalyptus artificial ball plant’s green foliage is carefully arranged together to resemble a small sphere. Since its faux, the leaves requires no upkeep to maintain their shape. With a terra cotta planter included, this piece can be added to any southwestern inspired décor theme, especially if the space has brown or tan accents against a white backdrop. You can use this artificial plant as a centerpiece on a designated plant shelf with other potted greenery. Height: 17 In., Width: 11 In., Depth: 11 In., Color: , Pot Size: H: 8 In. W: 8 In. D: 8 In.
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