17" Aloe Artificial Plant in White Bowl PlanterZoom

17" Aloe Artificial Plant in White Bowl Planter

Item# 9061
With thick, fresh-looking green foliage reaching up and fanning out from its white bowl planter and bed of natural green moss, this artificial aloe plant would add a splash of color to any modern decor in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Set this lovely 17-inch artificial aloe plant on your dining table for a natural centerpiece, or on your kitchen's windowsill next to your favorite faux succulents to inject a little bit of intense color and energy into the bland space. Height: 17 In., Width: 12 In., Depth: 12 In., Color: , Pot Size: H: 6.5 In. W: 12 In. D: 12 In.
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