39 Azalea & Hoya Artificial Plant in Wall Decor PlanterZoom

39 Azalea & Hoya Artificial Plant in Wall Decor Planter

Item# 8349
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It's hard to determine where to focus your eyes on this artificial azalea and hoya wall planter. This item contains three different planters in one! Two planters hold slightly pink-tinted hoya leaves, the other holds an ample amount of brilliant pink azalea blooms complemented with deep green leaves. Use these pieces to decorate your dull kitchen or living room wall by setting it next to your wall sculpture, picture frames, or antique wall clock to make a bold arrangement. The wall decor planter comes included. Height: 39 In., Width: 10 In., Depth: 10 In., Color: , Pot Size: H: 35 In. W: 10 In. D: 6 In.
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