Areca, Fountain & Banana Palm (Set of 3)Zoom

Areca, Fountain & Banana Palm (Set of 3)

Item# NN6867-S3
Three times the decorating fun - that's what you get with this distinct trio of tropical favorites. We have a beautiful Areca, a lush Banana Palm, and a regal fountain palm, all ready to make any area a sunny beach! All come with an attractive pot planter, and best of all, they'll never need water or care, so the fun never ends. Ideal for home or office, they also make a great gift. Height: 15.5 - 16 In. Width: 13 - 15 In. Depth: 13 - 15 In. Color: Pot Size: H: 3.25 In. W: 4 In. D: 4 In.
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