38 Mixed Mini Bamboo, Fittonia & Springeri w/PlanterZoom

38 Mixed Mini Bamboo, Fittonia & Springeri w/Planter

Item# NN6826
A beautiful collection of greenery, this mini bamboo, fittonia and springeri is the perfect accessory to any sunroom, entry way, sitting area, or anywhere else that needs a really nice decoration. The sheer diversity of greenery makes it a sight to behold, and at 38 inches high, this assemblage will certainly draw the eye. Housed in a classic style tan planter, it also makes a great gift. Height: 38 In. Width: 24 In. Depth: 20 In. Color: Pot Size: H: 9.5 In. W: 11.5 In. D: 6.75 In.
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