24" Golden Dieffenbachia Silk PlantZoom

24" Golden Dieffenbachia Silk Plant

24" Golden Dieffenbachia Silk Plant
Item# NN6639
Hugging the ground at 24 inches high, the Golden Deiffenbachia with Large Hexagon Base is a delightful collection of color variation. Notice the dark emerald hues mixed with lighter colors to create a rich tapestry of patterns as they spread out from the center. Just awesome (we canít help it Ė thatís the word that springs to mind!) Arranged in a large hexagon pot, this evergreen, never-worry arrangement is sure to adorn any living area with a touch of natureís beauty.

Size including pot - Height: 24 inches X Width: 24 inches X Depth: 24 inches

Pot size - Width: 10 inches X Height: 7.25 inches

Color: Variegated
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