5 Artificial Dracaena Silk Tree - Floor PlantZoom

5 Artificial Dracaena Silk Tree - Floor Plant

Item# NN5466
Wanting something a little exotic for your home or office? This dracaena tree evokes that tropical spirit in ways that few trees can. An impressive piece, with long, vibrant foliage, the 393 leaves that make up this particular selection provide a lush and full experience. This selection needs no water and very little care (maybe some dusting now and again), making it ideal for setting the mood for that next beach time getaway.

Size: Height: 5 Ft. Width: 30 In. Depth: 28 In.

Pot Size: H: 5.75 In. W: 6.5 In. D: 6.5 In.

Color: Green
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