7.5’ Variegated Mini Ficus w/4131 LvsZoom

7.5’ Variegated Mini Ficus w/4131 Lvs

Item# NN5431
Add a little life to your décor with this amazing Varigated Mini Ficus Tree. And when we say “life”, we mean it, because this stunning replica of a living, breathing Ficus tree has an astounding 4131 leaves (Variegated in color), making it a piece that will truly “fill” an area. Whether used in your home or office, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail, and the fact that such a lifelike tree needs nary a drop of water. Makes a fine gift as well. Height: 7.5 Ft. x Width: 46 In. x Depth: 46 In. - Pot Size: H: 7 In. W: 7.5 In. D: 7.5 In.
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