12" Red Hydrangea w/Glass Vase (Set of 3)Zoom

12" Red Hydrangea w/Glass Vase (Set of 3)

Item# NN4895-S3
How about a little touch of red this holiday season? This hydrangea set is perfect for any occasion, but they really shine when you want to make a statement. The soft, almost pillow-like blooms rise out of the included vases, looking as fresh as can be (and remember, these never need water.) This is a set of three, so your decorating options are tripled. Ideal for both home and office décor.    

Size: Height: 12 In. Width: 8 In. Depth: 8 In.

Pot Size: H: 7.5 In. W: 5.5 In. D: 5.5 In.

Color: Red
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