8" Fancy Silk Rose Arrangement in Vase - RedZoom

8" Fancy Silk Rose Arrangement in Vase - Red

Item# NN1391-RD
Do you love the look of roses, but donít have a ton of decorating space? Then this beautiful little red rose arrangement is tailor made for you. Featuring several full rose blooms tucked away in the cutest vase (complete with liquid illusion faux water), this piece captures the roseís sheer elegance, without taking up a ton of space. Perfect for a counter, your desk, or side table, this arrangement also makes a fine gift.

Height: 8 In. x Width: 8.5 In. x Depth: 8.5 In.

Color: Red

Pot Size: H: 5 In. W: 6 In. D: 6 In.
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