33" Orchid & Bells of Ireland with Metal VaseZoom

33" Orchid & Bells of Ireland with Metal Vase

Item# NN1374
Here’s a pairing that we think is an all-time hit. Taken separately, Orchids and Bells Of Ireland both can make for a beautiful piece of décor, but putting them both together makes for a truly eclectic and eye-catching arrangement. We’ve also added Staghorn fern, a pear, an artichoke, and a twig to knock this arrangement of out of the park. We then place them in an unusual “pineapple-inspired” vase, completing the wondrous picture. A truly unique piece of décor, this looks great in both home and office.

Size: Height: 33 In. x Width: 20 In. x Depth: 13 In.

Pot Size: H: 11.25 In. W: 9.75 In. D: 4.25 In.
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