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Silk Rose Petals of Stunning Quality!

Bag of 50 Silk Rose Petals - Red or White
Realistic Looking Silk Rose Petals - Bulk Pack of 200 (Available in 2 colors)
Bag of 50 Silk Rose Petals - Red or White

Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $0.99
Realistic Looking Silk Rose Petals - Bulk Pack of 200 (Available in 2 colors)

Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $24.99

Whether you're looking for something to surprise your significant other with or using them for your wedding, our silk rose petals are so realistic looking that even after feeling them you may still wonder if they're real or not. Use them in a glass vase instead of rocks or artificial water to accent your silk flower arrangements. Silk rose petals are easy to find on the market but high quality ones are not. This is where Quality Silk Plants comes into the picture. Every detail right down to the intricate veins and micro wrinkles in each petal gives them a frshly plucked look.

Can't use real rose petals? Well these silk rose petals are the closest you can get to the real thing and it's hard to tell the difference. These fake petals are great for weddings and special occasions. Most churches will not allow real rose petals in the church because of fear of staining the carpets but they will allow artificial ones like these. Best of all even after touching them you may not be able to tell that they are fake. Great for flower girls to spread as she walks down the isle or spreading on the tables at the reception. Create a lovely surprise for your significant other on valentines day. What ever you decide to do with thes silk rose petals, you'll always have people in awe when they find out they're fake.

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