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Artificial and Silk Palm Trees to Create Your Own Paradise.

Phoenix, Coconut and Fan Palm Trees
Areca, Kentia, Paradise and Bamboo Palms
Silk Banana, Raphis and Fishtail Palm Trees
Phoenix, Coconut and Fan Palm Trees

Areca, Kentia, Paradise and Bamboo Palms

Silk Banana, Raphis and Fishtail Palm Trees

You don’t have to wait for the tropical season to get authentic looking palm trees anymore – you can easily bring the tropics to your home and office via our gorgeous collection of stunningly realistic silk palm trees.

Elegant and charming artificial trees

The palm tree exudes a quiet elegance with a distinct mood and sense of place. Immersed in an environment of palm trees, people are immediately transported to the calming mindsets we often associate with exotic beaches and tropical vacations. Silk palm trees are immensely helpful to interior landscape designers since they offer a wide scope for experimentation – different types of environments can be created while providing several functional benefits. The best part is they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

How are silk palm trees useful?

A variety of themes

Use silk palm trees to craft a number of jungle, beach, and tropical themes. They are perfect for themed restaurants and bars, or subtly injecting the tropical feel in your place of business or living room. Why not place one in your conservatory so when the summer months come around you can relax and unwind in your own tropical surroundings without stepping out?

Saves time and effort

Displaying artificial trees means you don’t have to invest time watering them or ensuring they are cared for. Once they are purchased, simply display and clean them occasionally with a good silk plant cleaner solution or water. With the hectic lifestyles we lead these days, such trees are ideal décor elements for us!

No trimming needed

Real palm trees keep growing and might eventually block the light on one side of the house. But artificial varieties remain the same height at the time of purchase. You don’t have to bother about trimming them on a regular basis.

Create a relaxing ambiance

Even if you aren't adding a full-scale beach or jungle theme, you can strategically place silk palm trees in a commercial space to invoke feelings of relaxation and calmness. Integrating palms into a lobby area will help break the ice with prospective clients and reduce stress among employees at the same time.

Silk palm trees available here are of top quality – we try to keep the prices affordable, but quality is the #1 priority and it is never compromised. So rest assured you are buying a product with long-lasting characteristics – even if it seems a tad costly initially, this is a justified investment for years to come. Whether your purchasing just one or buying in bulk for your next project we’ll help you find the right tree for your application. We offer attractive discounts if you buy in bulk – please get in touch with us for further details.

Tropical Decor Relaxes The Soul.

Feel the breeze of the beach while you relax under one of our tropical artificial palm trees. Each one is crafted in a way to mimic the work of mother nature. We have one of the largest selections all at discount wholesale pricing to the public. Browse our selection of the highest quality trees you'll find anywhere and enjoy the beauty and tranquility our products bring.

Here is a Designer Secret.

Here's a secret the designers use to save money and still get what their customer's want. If you need a tall silk palm tree, let's say 7' but you only have the budget for a 5' or 6', you can purchase the 5' or 6' silk tree and raise it up in your decorative container by using something solid to place underneath it. You can gain an additional foot or more by using this technique and save some money in the mean time. Make sure the object you use is solid enough to support the artificial palm tree, you could use a little silicone glue to secure it in place before finishing off with moss or ivy. Take a look at some of our planters and you'll have the perfect decor piece for your home. Best of all, it will be the way you like and not something that was mass produced. We want to make sure your ecstatic with your purchase and if your looking for any type of tips or tricks please contact us and we can help you with your project.

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