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Saving Money with Silk Plants

Saving Money with Silk PlantsDepending on its design, silk plants can give both the under stated as well as the fantastic look and feel to your home and business space. Here are 3 fantastic ways by which you can save money with silk plants!

"Buy one and it will last for years"

"Silk plants last years, often several generations if placed in the shade and dusted off and wiped down from time to time! Now, imagine if you were to pot a real plant. Chances are it will not survive a season, forget generations – especially indoors. Add to it the costs of the plant, potting soil, a planters pot, decorative outer pot and figuring out ways to keep it from dying. If you were to compare the cost and hassle between a bunch of silk flowers and a bouquet of say roses, imagine the number the times throughout the year that you’d be changing the roses. Instead if you were to arrange a set of silk tulips in a rectangular glass jar on your dining table, you would wake up to soft daylight playing a romantic number each morning without having to figure out if trimmed petals would do just as well as replacing the flowers.

"Now save on interior design"

Interior design can get very expensive. From statues to bonsais to art, the options are sure to pinch the pocket and stress you out. You could do all of this rather simply just by using silk plants. Frame a few silk orchids against a black silk background and place it beneath a light setting for the classy look to your wall. Place a bunch of white silk roses in a tall glass vase to highlight a corner table. Let there be an artificial lotus space in a simple copper bowl at the center table with a floating candle and your room will have a new look without the costliness of interior decoration.

"Zero maintenance cost"

Silk Plants have zero maintenance cost in terms of soil, fertilizer, change in potting, replacement and whatnot. You don’t have to spend on pest control. There will be no bugs in it and you will be perfectly well within budget year after year. Pruning, trimming and generally obsessing with the plant’s health will never be in the scene and you can walk in and out of your home letting the feel be one of utter joy with zero maintenance cost. That is the sheer magic of silk plants. " Silk plants can completely change the way your space looks. All you need to do is choose to get some which go well with the decor you have in mind and sit back and watch your guests be wowed!

Now that you know silk plants will save you time and money, find the perfect plant or tree for your decor by clicking one of the links below.

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