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Outdoor Artificial Plants, Trees and Flowers

Outdoor Artificial Plants and how long they should last. Click Here To Learn More

Outdoor Artificial Plants
Outdoor Artificial Trees
Outdoor Artificial Flowers
Outdoor Artificial Plants

Outdoor Artificial Trees

Outdoor Artificial Flowers

Artificial Outdoor Hedges
Outdoor Artificial Topiaries
Artificial Outdoor Hedges

Outdoor Artificial Topiaries

Outdoor Artificial Plants, Flowers and Trees Make it Easy

Tired of investing time and effort into caring for your plants only to have them die a few weeks later? What happens when you have to pack your bags and leave on a trip or vacation? There is no time to find someone who can water the plants and they eventually wilt and die! At QualitySilkPlants.com, we have come up with a perfect solution so you don’t have to continuously care for your flowers and plants outside – faux plants and flowers that are UV protected for outdoor use.

How useful are they?

Outdoor planters and silk flowers are not just meant for residential application, but are being used by commercial establishments like amusement parks, hotels, resorts and many property management companies as well. The realistic appearance and general attractiveness appeals to people and many don’t even realize that these are artificial! You have a wide range to choose from such as outdoor plants, artificial hedges, topiary trees, silk flowers, outdoor trees, and so on. Homeowners can use planters for enhanced aesthetics, while businesses can impart more color and beauty to their entrances and lobby areas, thus making a positive first impression on clients. This can all be done while saving money over the long run without having to sacrifice beauty.

Outdoor planters and silk flowers are a must-have!

Weather resistant

The special foliage is designed using poly-blend materials with a special UV coating on the surface so there is no fading or discoloration under direct sunlight. It is equipped to withstand diverse weather conditions starting from hot desert climates to icy winter weather.


The artificial plants and flowers are extremely durable and last longer than their real life counterparts. They are sturdy and don’t peel or deteriorate in quality. They require little to no maintenance – all you need to do is wash off the dust at times.

Realistic look

Our outdoor silk flowers and plants seem so real that you will have trouble telling the difference. Many of our customers tell us that their guests and clients end up touching the plants to see if they’re real or not. The poly-blend used during the manufacturing process is top-notch, while the craftsmanship of realistic design details is brilliant. Our assortment of artificial plants and flowers is second to none and speaks volumes about the quality and excellence.

No watering

Faux flowers and plants don’t wilt or grow so there is no need to water them on a regular basis. This feature is all the more convenient for those who love green and vibrant plant décor, but are constantly on the move due to work related reasons or have a hectic schedule that leaves them little time to care for plants. Replacing much of your landscape with artificial plants may even help lower your water bill and or landscaping bill if you have a gardener.

No more messes

With real plants, you need to sweep dead leaves and flowers or else the area can get cluttered. The foliage can clog drains and cause even more problems. Artificial plants ensure no more sweeping, raking, blowing, or filling garbage cans with crumpled leaves. If you have kept plants next to the pool, you don’t have to worry about leaves dirtying the water surface or clogging filters and drains when cleanup is neglected.

Outdoor planters and silk flowers also save you from the hassle of constantly replacing them with fresh ones. They match well with most décor accents and accentuate the overall aura and character of their surroundings. You get to reap the advantages of these artificial renderings without compromising on the look real foliage!

We offer bulk discounts, so please get in touch with us for more information, via phone or email.

Whether you’re just looking to save money or looking to have a palm tree in a cold climate, you can find the perfect outdoor plant or tree for your project right here.

If you live in a drought area outdoor silk flowers and plants set in an outdoor planter can save you from paying the high cost of watering and constantly replacing the flowers. Many companies in the southwest are finding out how beneficial these artificial renderings can be without having to sacrifice the look of real foliage.

Looking for something in particular? Don't hesitate to contact us and we will work with you to find the best product for your project.

For more tips on using outdoor artificial plants click here.

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